How much exercise does a beagle need?

Beagles are a very active breed of dog that can sometimes be a little bit crazy. They were originally bred for tracking small game, which involved them mainly tracking animals such as rabbits. But how much exercise do they need per day?

How much exercise does a beagle need?

How much exercise does a beagle need? A beagle will need at least an hour of exercise per day. However this figure heavily depends on their weight, age and health. It is not rare for a beagle to become overweight and their health to deteriorate because of this. This breed certainly loves their food so it is important to keep on top of their exercise.

How much exercise does a Beagle puppy need?

Puppy (beagle) on a field

It is important to be careful when exercising a puppy as it can have health effects on them in later life. A widely used method of working out how much you should be exercising your puppy is to take your puppy’s age in months and then multiply it by five and then you have how many minutes you should be walking your dog. For example, a puppy who is 3 months old will need 15 minutes of exercise per walk.

How should I be exercising my beagle? – beagle exercise requirements

The most obvious form of exercise for your dog is walking or running with them. This is the most accessible and easy method of exercise. It can take place in any area, whether you live in a city or in a rural area. Walking your dog is the perfect exercise for a beagle of any age as you can tailor it to their needs.

Some activities that are great for your beagle include:

  • Going on a run on a trail with your beagle- Trail running is a great form of exercise for both you and your beagle. You will both get to experience some lovely views and environments while running these trails, it is a great activity.
  • Frisbee- This is a great activity to help get your beagle to be more active and healthy. This can be a great option if you do not want to be as active along side your furry friend.
  • Walking- Walking is a simple method of exercise for your beagle. It helps to stretch the muscles as well as maintaining them.
  • Running- Activities like running can help your dog maintain a healthy weight, have less anxiety and improve mental health.
  • Cycling- When going out for a bike ride why not take your dog along with you. It is a great method to keep your beagle running at a consistant pace.
  • Hiking- Hiking can take you to some lovely areas with you beagle. Instead of walking around the streets with your pet everyday it is healthy to change the location every now and then.
  • Swimming- There are a broad range of benefits that come from your dog swimming, some of these include joint relief, stress relief and pain relief.
  • Games- Playing tug of war or other games, such as hide and seek, are a great form of exercise in or out of the house.

How can I keep my beagle safe while exercising?

Beagles are scent hounds that were bread for tracking which means they can pick up a scent and follow it for very long distances. This can create problems when running with your dog off the lead or any other activities with them free to roam.

When compared to other breeds of dog they are much harder to train for off the lead. It is important to put a lot more training into recall with a beagle because of this. When running or cycling with your dog you can easily lose track of them. Treats are a good work around for this issue. When training them it is very effective to reward them for returning. This will hopefully lead them to being a lot safer off the lead.

Should I be walking my beagle everyday?

Beagles should be taken for a walk everyday. Walks help your beagle with both mental stimulation as well as physical. Ideally your beagle should receiving 1-2 hours of exercise a day. This exercise can either take the form of one long walk or two shorter walks. 

How do you tire out a beagle?

Beagles can be a very energetic breed of dog that are hard to tire out. Some great methods are:


Hikes are a good physical activity for both you and your beagle. A hike is a very effective method for tiring out your pet, it offers both mental and physical stimulation. This form of exercise allows your dog to watch wildlife, explore the hiking trails, meet people and other dogs, and have a wide range of different scents for them to explore. 


Going on runs with your beagle is an amazing form of exercise that will love and will certainly tire them out. Running can help to prevent arthritis, obesity and certain behavioral issues.

Hide & seek

If you are looking for a way to tire out your dog inside your home hide and seek is a great method. To play this game with your beagle they must first become distracted and not be paying attention to you. Some distractions may be a treat or person. Once they are distracted you can now go and find your hiding spot. Once you are hidden call your beagle’s name and make a bit off a fuss, to get them excited. This game gets your pet exercising in confined spaces and will hopefully help to tire your dog out.


Fetch is a fun game to play with your beagle. This a great game for a beagle or a beagle puppy; due to being adjustable to your dogs needs. For a puppy you can play a very active and fast game of fetch to tire them. For an older beagle you can slow the game of fetch down to a slower pace that fits their needs.  

Food puzzles

Food puzzles are a great method for tiring out a beagle. These puzzles are great for keeping a dog occupied while eating. Furthermore, food puzzles are a good way to get your beagle to eat in a calmer manor. As most beagle owners know they can go a little crazy at the sign of food and these puzzles can be a wonderful help. 


Training can take a lot of energy out of your beagle. Some fun tricks to teach your dog are play dead, spin, wave, roll over, speak or catch. Or you could train your beagle more essential commands like watch me, down, stay, wait, drop it or bed. 

Can beagles go on long walks?

Long walks are a perfect exercise for a beagle. Walks provide mental enrichment for your beagle and also helps to keep them fit. Beagle exercise requirements can easily be met through long walks. Whether your beagle is on a leash or not it is the perfect opportunity to help meet your beagles need for exercise. 

A beagle can easily go on a walk for over 2 hours, if they are fit and healthy. More likely than not they will keep walking as long as you do. But it is important to keep an eye on them to check that they are not being over whelmed. 

What toys can help my beagle exercise?

Toys can be a great way to help your beagle exercise. Some great options include a kong, knotted rope, an automatic ball launcher or a ball thrower.

A kong is a puzzle toy for your dog. It is a rubber material that can hold treats; at the bottom of the toy their is a hole where the contents can fall out of. This provides enrichment to your beagle physically and mentally. The unique shape of the kong and rubber material helps with exercise when using it as a fetch toy. Due to the shape, the bounce will be different every time and will leave your dog chasing after the kong. Furthermore, due to its rubber material it can withstand your pet’s need to chew.

A knotted rope can help your beagle exercise through activities such as tug of war and fetch. Knotted rope toys can withstand your beagles chewing and get them running about. As well as exercise a knotted rope can help with dental hygiene, by cleaning their teeth and preventing gum disease.

An automatic ball launcher fires tennis balls for your dog to fetch and bring back. This item works inside or outside due to its distance settings. This product promotes exercise and also allows you to relax.

A ball thrower, similar to the automatic ball launcher, is a plastic tool that helps you to throw balls further and with ease.

For a detailed list of the best toys specifically designed for beagles, check out our guide on the best toys for beagles.

Now that you understand the exercise needs of beagles, you might be wondering about their suitability as house pets. Find out more in our article on why beagles make good house pets.

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