Best Toys For Beagles

When getting a toy for your beagle you should be looking for a toy that offers many benefits, physical and intellectual. Toys are also a great way for you to build a stronger bond with your beagle. 

What makes a dog toy good?

When buying a dog toy for your beagle you should be looking for something interactive, durable and safe. A safe dog toy will be soft enough to chew without it damaging your pet’s teeth. You should also be checking that the toy does not contain any materials that may be toxic. The toy needs to be durable enough that no parts can be chewed off. If any parts are chewed off there is risk of your beagle swallowing it and choking on it. 


Image of a Kong dog toy

A Kong is a great toy for keeping your beagle entertained for a long period of time. Kongs are a rubber toy that resembles a snowman like structure. These are a great toy that every dog owner needs; it provides mental and physical stimulation for your beagle. 

There are three main uses for this toy. One of the uses would be to use the kong as a fetch toy. Because of the irregular shape this toy provides a very irregular bounce that keeps your beagle active. 

The second use would be to use it as a chew toy. Kongs are made of a thick rubber material that will withstand your beagle’s chewing. 

The third and most unique use is as a food bowl. This toy has a small hole on the bottom that can be filled with your beagles’ favourite foods. The hollow inside of the toy allows you to fit a lot of food within it. Once filled with food it provides a puzzle for your beagle as they work out how to remove the content. When filling the kong it is best to fill it with a variety of their favourite snacks as it keeps the challenge interesting. You can fill a kong with anything from peanut butter to kibble or fruit. 

Dog ball launcher

Image of a dog ball launcher

A Dog Ball Launcher is a toy that can quickly improve games of fetch with your dog. This toy allows you to throw a ball much further. It is perfect for this energetic breed as it is a great way to tire them out. 

Knotted rope

Knotted rope dog toy

Knotted ropes are a great choice of toy. These ropes are perfect for playing tug of war which is great fun for you and your beagle. Tug of war is a very engaging game that benefits your dog by building confidence, tapping into natural drives and creating a stronger bond between you and your pet. 

Kong Durable Ball

image of a Kong durable ball

The Kong Durable Ball is very similar to the Kong but varys in shape. The Kong durable ball is as the name says is a ball. But unlike a normal ball it is much more durable, making it perfect for a beagle who loves to destroy its toys. 

It is made of a durable rubber that can withstand a beagle’s destructive chewing. Whilst it is made of a durable rubber, it is still soft on your dog’s teeth. 

What really makes this ball special is the hole it has. This hole allows you to fill it with treats for your beagle just like the Kong. 

Hide A Squirrel Dog Puzzle

image of a hide a squirrel dog puzzle dog toy

Hide A Squirrel Dog Puzzle is a toy that is designed to keep your pet engaged and stop boredom. This toy contains a plush log with holes and Plush squirrels. With this toy you put the squirrels within the log and you let your beagle pull out the squirrels. The squirrels are squeaky to help grab your beagle’s attention. This toy will help to engage your beagle’s natural hunting instinct and keep them occupied. 

This toy can also double as a fetching toy with the squirrels being perfect for throwing. 

Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

benebone wishbone dog toy

Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is a bacon flavoured chew toy that is designed to last for weeks. They are shaped in a way to make it more comfortable and interactive for your dog. The bacon flavour comes from real bacon, which ensures your beagle will love its taste. 

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