What Grooming Does A Beagle Need?

The basic grooming that a beagle will need includes regular brushing, bathing, cleaning of their eyes and ears, dental care and clipping of the nails.

How should I brush my beagle? – beagle grooming

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When brushing your beagle you should be in an environment that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. When brushing your pet there will be a lot of dead hair being removed with each brush, so we would advise having a hoover to hand for afterwards. As well as this hair, you will be removing dirt that has been built up in your dog’s coat.

When brushing your beagle take long strokes that follow the direction of their fur growth. When brushing your beagle you will be helping to spread natural oils across their coat.

It is important not to brush too hard. If you are not gentle when brushing your beagle you will damage their coat and pull or tangle hair.

To make this process easier for yourself it is recommended that you offer your pet treats or a toy whilst you brush them. It is important to note that there are times when you should be brushing them nearly everyday; during shedding season your dog will be quickly building up dead hair.

What is the best brush for grooming a beagle?

There are three main types of brushes for a beagle. The three main brushes used for a beagle are a pin brush, slicker brush and a bristle brush. But what actually is the difference between these brushes?

What is a pin brush?

A pin brush is one of the most common brushes found in a dog owner’s home. However, is it the best?

Pin brushes are used for removing loose hair and dirt from your dog’s coat. They have become such a popular option due to their simplicity and versatility.

What is a slicker brush?

Slicker brushes have fine wires across the head of the brush that are for removing excess hair and dirt. Slicker brushes are mainly used for medium to long hair dogs or those with curly hair. However there are slicker brushes designed for a coat more like a beagles.

What is a bristle brush?

A bristle brush is fitted with a firm nylon material. These firm bristles are closely sat together meaning that it removes anything that should not be there in your dog’s hair.

Which type of brush is best for grooming your beagle?

Well it actually all comes down to personal choice. There may be better or worse brushes for the different variations but it is all down to your dog’s preference and yourself.

What do I need to know about bathing my beagle?

Beagles do not need regular baths; to keep your companion in the best of health it is actually best to allow their essential oils to build up and not wash them out.

A bath no more than three times a month would be about right. Although if your furry friend likes to have a nice swim in a pool of dirt it’s alright to clean them a bit more frequently. The smell of your dog is often a good indicator of whether or not a wash is needed.

What is the best shampoo for a beagle?

The shampoo that you use on your beagle will have an immediate impact upon their health and well-being. Certain shampoos can negatively impact your beagles skin and fur. A good shampoo should wash away any unneeded oils, clean, moisturise and help your beagle smell nice. A shampoo that covers all of this and will leave you and your beagle satisfied would be Earthbath Mediterranean Magic Shampoo. This product utilises rosemary oil to leave your beagle with a long lasting fresh smell. Earthbath Mediterranean Shampoo uses natural and organic ingredients. There are no parabens, dyes, soap, sulphates, phthalates or alcohol in this product. The company Earthbath is also cruelty free, which is a major plus.

When should I start bathing my beagle?

Beagles can first be bathed at about 8 weeks old. When a dog is young they struggle to regulate their body temperature. Therefore when they are young you shouldn’t expose their body to hot or cold water in this manor, as it could have an affect on their health.

Where should I bath my beagle?

When your beagle is still a puppy you can experiment with different methods to find out what suits your pet best. 

One of the most commonly used options is the bathtub or sink. A bath or sink is a great option for beagle grooming, it very suitable and can easily hold a small to medium sized dog.

Now you may be thinking Do beagles like to be picked up? Beagles vary in their comfort levels with being lifted, and it’s essential to honor their unique boundaries and feelings.

When using a bath or sink it is important to either lay down a towel or secure surface for your beagle to stand on. This prevents them from slipping and injuring themselves. 

Outdoors is another popular option for bathing your beagle. If your dog won’t settle in the bath or sink and frequently jumps out, you can try bathing your beagle outside. 

If you struggle to bath your dog yourself you can use a local professional bathing service. A professional bathing service will provide a high quality wash for your pet that will leave you and your pet satisfied. But this option will be a little more pricey than the other two options.

What tools should I use for bathing my dog?

There are two essentials that you will need: 

-Shampoo is what you will be using to clean your beagle’s skin and coat. 

-A bath brush can be used to help remove dead hairs from your beagle’s coat. A bath brush can also help you to make sure you are properly taking care of your dog’s health needs. 

How do I look after my beagle’s nails?

Your beagle’s nails normally need to be cut every 2 to 3 weeks. So how should I be cutting my dog’s nails?

Well your dog’s nails will naturally wear down as they rub against hard surfaces, such as a concrete path. Your dog’s nails will occasionally grow long and could cause problems for your beagle if not taken care of. When they grow out too long issues such as snagging, splitting or even growing back into your dog’s paw may occur.

To cut your dog’s nails you will need nail clippers that are designed for dogs. These can be bought from your local pet shop, vets and a wide range of online retailers. To cut their nails, hold their paw and make sure they are comfortable whilst doing so. Now make sure to only cut off the tip of the nail as it is important that you are not cutting too far. If it is clear the nail is still too long, continue to cut it down.

Are there any alternatives to nail clippers for my dog?

A nail file is an alternative to nail clippers. Many dogs will become anxious or uncomfortable around nail clippers which can make your job very hard. A file can provide a more comfortable experience with your beagle. This however can be much more time consuming when compared to using nail clippers.

Do I need to clean my beagle’s ears?

Beagle getting their ear cleaned

Due to a beagle’s large ears that cover the ear canal it can create a moist and dark environment that can result in ear infections. Some beagles are much more prone to infections or irritation, this results in certain dogs needing a much more regular cleaning of their ears. To prevent your beagle from having these issues you should be cleaning their ears every 2 to 3 weeks.

How do I clean my beagle’s ears?

To clean your beagles ears you will need a canine ear cleaning solution, cotton balls or gauze. You will only need to use a small amount of this solution, it is important to not be squirting too much in. Now once you have all of this to hand you must hold their ear up then pour the cleaning solution into your beagles ear canal (make sure to read the instructions on the packaging of the solution that you own first). This solution will help to clean the ear and loosen any wax that has built up. Now you can use your cotton balls or gauze to pick up this debris and remove it from your pet’s ear. If the ear canal starts to dry up whilst cleaning, you can use some more of the cleaning solution to help out. Now you can just simply follow this process until their ears are clean.

What should I do if I believe my beagle has an ear infection?

If you believe that your beagle may have an ear infection the safest response is to take them to your vet so they can be checked out. The vets will check up on your dog and provide treatment if needed.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

There are a broad range of symptoms for your beagle having an ear infection. Some of these include:

  • Shaking of their head- The pain and itchiness can result in your beagle shaking their head.
  • Scratching at the ear- Your dog may try to itch at their infection.
  • A bad odor- A bad smell may start to come from their ears due to the bacteria and wax build up.
  • Discharge- If liquid builds up and comes out of their ears it is a very clear sign.
  • Thick wax- The bacteria from the infection may result in more wax being produced.
  • Scabs in the ear- Irritated skin or an infected ear can likely result in scabs.
  • Pain- Your beagle may start to experience pain due to all of the symptoms.

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