Male Vs. Female Beagle: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

There are some differences between a male and female beagle that could have an effect on your experience. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for in your new pet so that when you are choosing between a male and a female you are making the right choice. The differences between a male and female beagle will mostly be seen in their slightly different personalities.

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Are male or female beagles better?

Female and male beagle’s personalities will differ. For example a male will be more dominant. Because of this more dominant personality trait it means that more training needs to go into teaching them the proper hierarchy of the household. If the right training is not put in place a male beagle will start to see himself as the alpha and more important than other members of the family. A male dog will be more independent. This means that they may prefer to be by themselves more and not always have someone around them. Male beagles are also much more territorial than females.

A female beagle will be more loving and affectionate. However both male and female beagles are both very active, females tend to be a little less. Females will also be much more focused; this is great for when you are training a puppy. Female beagles will go in heat twice a year, resulting in vaginal discharge.

Whether you opt for a male or female beagle in the end it is their environment and training that will make them the better dog.

Are Female Beagles Easier to Train Compared to Males?

Female beagles have a longer attention span; this means that when you are training the female dog it will be much easier. Males will be distracted much easier when training. Due to this difference in attention spans a female puppy will be a better choice for training.

Male and female beagles are both one of the harder breeds of dog to train. This difficulty comes from their inquisitive nature, stubbornness and strong sense of smell. If you are worried about training a beagle may not be the best choice for you. Some easier breeds of dog to train include Border Collies, Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Bearded Collies.

A beagle’s training can be made easier through consistency, keeping the training fun and lot’s of rewards. Female and male dogs can both be trained easily if done correctly.

Does a Male or Female Beagle Puppy Cost More?

A female beagle will often cost more than a male. This increase in price is often due to a female’s breeding potential. Female beagles can create a profit for the owner by having several litters. Another reason for their increase in price can be due to how the puppy could become a competitor to the breeder you are buying from. If you go on to breed the female puppy there is a high likelihood that you will be selling to the same audience as the breeder you bought from.

Are female beagles aggressive?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each individual beagle may exhibit varying degrees of aggression. However, in general, female beagles are not considered to be aggressive dogs. This is likely due to their typically sweet and gentle dispositions. If a female beagle does show signs of aggression, it is usually directed towards other animals and not humans.

Changes After A Beagle Is Spayed or Neutered

Neutering a male beagle is the process of removing the dog’s testicles. By removing a dog’s testicles it can have effects upon their testosterone, sex drive, general behaviour and health risks. Studies have shown that once a male beagle has lost its source of testosterone it can help to deal with unwanted behaviours. It is believed that testosterone is linked to issues such as urine marking. Neutered beagles are also less likely to be looking for potential mates. It is believed that when the dog isnt looking for mates they are easier to train because they are not looking for other unneutered dogs. A neutered dog will have an improved overall health. It removes risks such as testicular cancer and fatal infections.

Spaying, also known as ovariohysterectomy, is the process of removing the ovaries and uterus from a female dog. By spaying your dog you are preventing heat or estrus. During heat a female dog will experience a need to escape and find a mate; this behaviour can become dangerous. It can also have a positive effect upon your beagles health by preventing infections such as pyometra. A spayed dog, before their first heat, will have less than 0.5% chance of developing breast cancer.

It is important to visit your local vet to discuss your options before making a decision. 

Male vs female beagles, which is more affectionate?

There is no real difference between male and female beagles when it comes to affection. Both genders are known for being loving, loyal, and affectionate dogs. The best way to determine which beagle is more affectionate is to meet both dogs and see which one seems more interested in interacting with you.

How big is a female beagle?

A female beagle will reach grow to around 12 inches tall and weight approximately 18 pounds. Female beagles usually are at their maximum height at eight months old. Their adult weight will be reached at 18 months old.

How big is a male beagle?

Male beagles will reach, on average, 13 inches or less in height. A healthy weight for your beagle to reach would be just below 20 pounds.

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