How much exercise does a rhodesian ridgeback need?

Rhodesian ridgebacks need at least two hours of exercise everyday. This exercise can take many forms, such as walks, runs, fetch or even making them climb the stairs.

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How should I be exercising my rhodesian ridgeback?

Rhodesian ridgebacks need a lot of exercise so it is important to schedule regular exercise. This schedule should consist of two daily walks a day as well as less frequent rigorous exercise. This more intense rigorous exercise should occur at least two times a week. Some options for this would include runs or hikes. By adding this more extreme exercise into your dogs routine you are keeping them healthy and fit. Although it is important to mention that you shouldn’t start this intense exercise too early as it could be unhealthy for a young rhodesian ridgeback.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for your rhodesian ridgeback. Taking your dog to a lake or beach for a swim is a great form of exercise for both you and your pet. As well as giving your pet a great form of exercise this is a great form of bonding between the two of you. For safety reasons you should always stay close to your dog while swimming, just in case they have any trouble. If they aren’t a very confident swimmer you may want to consider buying them a life jacket. A life jacket will keep them in a natural swimming position.

Dog parks are a great place to let your rhodesian ridgeback off the lead to run freely. Dog parks act as a safe place for your pet to roam. A dog park is also a great place for your pet to socialise with other dogs and get comfortable with it.

Fetch has many benefits for your rhodesian ridgeback. This activity is a good way to get your pet running around. As well as exercise fetch stimulates your pets thinking.

How much exercise does a rhodesian ridgeback puppy need?

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies will need 20 minutes of exercise twice a day. This exercise can take any form, it’s really just about what suits you and your puppy best. As they get older you will see that they gradually need to increase this amount of time.

How much exercise does a Rhodesian Ridgeback need daily?

You should be giving a rhodesian ridgeback at least 2 hours of exercise a day. This breed of dog needs three types of exercise the first being daily walks. Then they also need a more intense activity and finally mental exercise. These two ,daily, hours of exercise need to be split up between the three variations.

Mental stimulasion and Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Mental stimulation is very important for helping your pet learn, reducing stress, stunting boredom, stopping unwanted behaviour and for general health.

The majority of dog owners will be leaving their dog alone during the day, while they are at work or out of the house for other reasons. When you are leaving your pet alone they may start to feel separation anxiety. When experiencing this they will get restless and might start barking excessively. To stop this mental stimulation is essential. If your rhodesian ridgeback is distracted by mental stimulation it is far less likely that they will feel separation anxiety. Some toys that offer mental stimulation include kongs and other puzzle toys.

Menatlly stimulating games will help to teach your dog good habits. Mentally stimulating games help to give your pet the proper out put for their destructive behaviours. For example, instead of chewing on your TV remote they will be chewing a Kong and trying to get the treats out of it.

Playing with your dog and giving them mental stimulation will reduce stress. A recent study showed that after five minutes of interaction stress related hormones were reduced. Mental stimulation raises levels of seretonin and dopamine, these hormones will reduce stress in your rhodesian ridgeback.

Can you run with a rhodesian ridgeback?

Yes, you definitely can. Running with your rhodesian ridgeback is a great way to give them exercise as well as yourself. This breed is very athletic and they are one of the fastest. However you will want to wait until they are about 7 months old before you start running with them.

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