Can Beagles Live With Cats?

Beagles are a loving breed of dog that will happily get along with cats. But this friendly relationship won’t occur instantly. There will need to be some preparation put in place.

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How to introduce a beagle to a cat

To start with there are a few things that you will want to do.

Introducing your beagle and cat to each others scent is a good start. Both cats and beagles have a very strong smell, that is far beyond ours. A method of introducing the new scent would be to rub separate towels on each pet to pick up their scent and from here place the opposite towel in the other pet’s place to sleep. By having your cats scent around your beagle and the beagles around the cat they will become more comfortable with it.

Another method you will want to use is introducing the new pet to the home while the other is in a closed room. However, it is important that the one who is closed away does not see this as punishment. To make sure they don’t feel that way someone could stay with them or give them a treat. When introducing the new pet around the house, take them to areas that the other spends a lot of time in, to help with the adjustment. Once this has gone on for 20 to 30 minutes, swap them around; so that the other is being introduced to the new scent being around the house.

From here you can give them a proper introduction to each other. For this you will want the beagle to be on a leash to prevent scarring the cat. If all is going right you can remove the dog’s leash but keep a close eye. It is also important to mention that you must use your own judgment during this interaction.

When it comes to feeding time a popular method is to feed them on opposite sides of a door. By creating the interaction to be like this you are allowing the two to smell each other and share the meal time together. Neither will feel threatened by the other as they can not get to eachother. Once you feel confident that they can eat in the same room you should allow them to but it is important to still watch the first few times.

A good next step would be to allow them brief periods of time with them both alone. When doing this check in with them every 15 minutes or so, just to check that they are both still comfortable. You will also want to give the cat a way of getting out of the situation if needs be. It is more likely that the beagle will act differently when unsupervised. A camera could also be used to be extra careful if you feel like that is necessary.

How can I stop my beagle chasing my cat?

If this is a situation that is occuring you will want to deal with it as quickly as possible. Reward your beagle for being calm around the cat and when they get along. You will also want to train your beagle with a stop command. If you have properly trained them to stop when you ask, your beagle will gradually understand that what they are doing is wrong. To help with this you can also reward them when they stop.

If this behaviour continues you will want to take a few steps back and start the reintroducing period from the start. When starting again you may want to take the process slower and allow both of your pets time to adjust.

Are beagles scared of cats?

When a beagle and cat are introduced in a safe and proper way a beagle will not be scared of a cat. With the right introduction a beagle will come to see a cat as family. However, if they are not properly introduced to each other their relationship will turn sour.

Is it better to get a dog or a cat first?

In the ideal situation you would want to have had the beagle for a few years before getting a cat. In these few years you can train your beagle to be the perfect dog for a cat to be around. You will want the beagle to be relaxed and listen to every command that you give it. Then once you bring a kitten or cat into your home you can trust that you beagle will listen to you and follow your commands and not harm the other.

How do you tell if a dog will be good with cats?

A dog will be more responsive to the sound of a cat, so if you would like to find out if a dog will be good around cats, introduce them to the cat’s sound. This can be done through a recording. With this being said it is rare for a dog to just be instantly comfortable around a cat. It takes time and training for them to be good around each other.

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